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MitzvahChic: A New Approach to Hosting a Bar or Bat Mitzvah That is Meaningful, Hip, Relevant, Fun & Drop-Dead Gorgeous
The Ultimate Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebration Book : A Guide to Inspiring Ceremonies and Joyous Festivities- Cohen and Weinrott

More than ever, Jewish parents are looking for imaginative ways to blend traditional and personal values into their child
This one's for you

Poems for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Candle Lighting Ceremony
The Bravo Bar/Bat Mitzvah Organizer

This organizer is not meant to be a religious tutorial; it is used to keep notes when meeting with the synagogue and gathering important guidance furnished by the Congregation or Rabbi.
The Complete Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planner

Coming of Age : Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah

Published by Union of American Hebrew Congregations
Putting God on the Guest List: How to Reclaim the Spiritual Meaning of Your Child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah

Our Synagogue gave this book to every family in the Bar/Bat Mitzvah program, and it shoud be required reading. Adds perspective and enjoyment to the whole experience!
For Kids--Putting God on Your Guest List

The companion edition to Rabbi Salkin's adult edition. Talks in language kids can relate to.
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Survival Guide

Lots of practical advice on every aspect of planning a sucessful event.
Whose Bar/Bat Mitzvah Is This, Anyway?

A Guide for Parents Through a Family Rite of Passage. This book puts Bar/Bat Mitzvah in perpsective and debunks myths about Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Judith davis gives a wonderful and helpful explanation of bar/bat mitzvah "stress syndrome" and ways to beat it.
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Basics

A practical guide that gives parents and teens the "how-to" information they need to navigate the bar/bat mitzvah process and grow as a family through this experience.
Bar Mitzvah: A Jewish Boy's Coming of Age

Children with no previous exposure to Jewish beliefs and rituals will find the explanations here both clear and enticing, respectful of different religious traditions. Speaking in friendly, measured tones, Kimmel also accommodates Jewish readers from a variety of backgrounds, from Reform to Orthodox. He emphasizes the personal signficance of the ceremony by interpolating short first-person accounts of different men's and boys' bar mitvahs
Back of Beyond: A Bar Mitzvah Journey

An exciting spiritual adventure. When 12-year-old Danny sees a contest to win a trip to Australia, he works hard to develop the winning entry. Unfortunately, the vacation comes just before his Bar Mitzvah and at a time when his parents cannot go along. Accompanied by a chaperon and his older sister Rebecca, he sets off on his dream trip.
Rediscovering Judaism: Bar & Bat Mitzvah for Adults

A Complete Course of Study
Bar and Bat Mitzvah in Israel: The Ultimate Family Source Book

The all-in-one-place guide for celebrating a bar or bat mitzvah in Israel. Plan the entire event before getting to Israel, celebrations for all children of any ability and background: Conservative, Reform, Orthodox, Reconstructionist, Unaffiliated...Resources for children with special needs, adult Bnai Mitzvah celebrations, rent-a-Rabbi to lead and coordinate the event. Torah Tie-in Adventures connect Bible portions to Israel, Tikkun Olam: Mitzvot to prepare at home and perform in Israel, English speaking reliable contact persons and Websites, e-mail addresses and fax numbers.(128 Pages)

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